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It’s aliens VS hillbillies and the youth of America in this wacked out, out of this world, sci-fi, horror comedy. On what seemed to be an ordinary day in a small rural Ohio town, we follow a group of various friends and family as they discover a flying saucer. As the night unfolds, two flirting lovers George (George Tutie) and Janet (Janet Jay) along with the whole town soon discover that they are caught in the middle of an alien invasion! Facing the threat of being anally probed by the space invaders, tase humble Ohioans must find a way to fight back and save their home.
Will George, Janet, the sheriff and the Johnson family be able to stop these terrorizing aliens!? Will their beer and shotguns defeat alien lasers and spaceships!? Grab your popcorn and keep your kin close folks, for Revenge of the Spacemen will take you on an adventure unlike any other!

Special Features

An Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman

Original Trailer

Deleted Scenes

Troma's Coming Distractions and More!

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