An architect and his wife move into a colonial mansion, where the demonic presence of the original owner’s wife takes residence.

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Architect Larry Andrews and his new wife Barbara travel to a small island off the coast of the Philippines, where they are due to move into a condominium. Barbara is perturbed when Larry’s business associate, Del, notifies them the residence is not ready yet, and pays for them to stay in a hotel, and tells Larry she feels Del exploits him. At dinner, Del subsequently reveals to the couple that there was no condominium to begin with, and that he instead arranged for them to live in a large, historic colonial mansion named Casa Fortuna. Del soon explains that the home is supposedly haunted by Alma Martín, the first lady of the home.

Special Features


  • Evil In Paradise
  • An Interview with Producer David Baughn
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Origins Of Evil
  • An Interview With Director Herb Freed
  • Official Trailer
  • Troma Trailers
  • Blood Stab
  • #Shakespeareshitstorm Trailer

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