Greetings from Tromaville!

We’ve learned of a manufacturing error in our recent release of The Sexy Box Blu-ray box set on the disc that contains Waitress!

A corrected box set is on its way to retailers and existing copies have been recalled. If you’ve already purchased it, The Troma Team is happy to announce that we are issuing free replacement discs to customers, regardless of where you purchased it from.

The box set with the error is SKU TRO1090 (UPC 790357109074). If you have this version, your copy of Waitress! is defective and you should request a replacement below.

If you purchased The Sexy Box from TromaDirect, we will automatically send a replacement disc to the same address used on your order. If your address has changed, please contact [email protected].

If you purchased The Sexy Box from any other retailer, please request a replacement below.

UPDATE 28 APRIL, 2022:

The Troma Team has been made aware of an issue with the Waitress! replacement discs that were sent from our distributor to customers who purchased The Sexy Box Blu-ray set. Unfortunately, the wrong master was used to create the replacement discs, and they feature the same flaw that the original discs do. Thankfully, a corrected set of replacement discs are in production and will be in your hands soon. Once you receive the corrected replacement disc, you can discard the original and first replacement disc. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ORDERED A REPLACEMENT, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PLACE ANOTHER ORDER.
Thanks for your continued patience,

Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz, and The Troma Team

Defective discs do not need to be returned. Please keep your Stuck On You and First Turn-On discs, as only the Waitress! disc will be replaced.

For Retailers

MVD began issuing credits on February 1st. Their sales team is contacting individual accounts to get orders on the corrected version.

Which version do I have?


UPC: 790357109074
SKU: TRO1090


UPC: 790357107490
SKU: TRO1074

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