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John Birmingham’s “Rednecks” brings together a pack of southern loving friends to experience an adventure like you’ve never seen before! As many of them aspire to be musicians, this band of country fried comrades encounter the luxuries of fame, fortune, and what it takes to be rock stars. While basking in the splendor of relentless groupies, boobies and doobies, the group finds that the path to stardom doesn’t come easy upon the country road, as they battle with enlarged egos, struggle with horrid heartbreaks, and suffer a devastating death in the family. All of this comes to a head as the Devil himself challenges the Rednecks’ musical abilities, leaving their careers and souls hanging in the balance! “Rednecks” is a musical journey through the life and times of what it is like to make something from nothing while still holding true to the rhythm of life’s banjo.

Special Features

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Newly transferred and restored from the best quality archival tape master
  • Presented in its fully uncut original director's edit with the following sound options: a brand new commentary track with producer Ed Bishop, director Pericles Lewnes and lead actress Lisa M DeHaven; an archival commentary track with producer Ed Bishop and director Pericles Lewnes; a brand new critical commentary track with James Branscome and Nick Vance of The Cinematic Void Podcast; and an isolated score
  • Alternate 20th Anniversary Edit of REDNECK ZOMBIES (90 min)
  • “Sweet Redneck Memories” (83 min) - a making-of documentary from 2023 featuring interviews with the cast and crew
  • Unfinished archival making-of documentary (14 min)
  • Deleted scenes (20 min)
  • Outtakes (43 min)
  • A scene from Crabtown, USA, a 1986 local cable access show that was a precursor to REDNECK ZOMBIES (3 min)
  • In memoriam (1 min)
  • Archival interviews with:
  • - director Pericles Lewnes
  • - producer Ed Bishop
  • - associate producer William E. Benson
  • - co-producer Bill Decker
  • - ‘set mother’ Sandy Bishop
  • - composer Adrian Bond
  • - actress Lisa M. DeHaven
  • - actor Alex Lewnes
  • - actor Bucky Santini
  • - misc. crew Jeff McKinstry
  • - actor Tyrone Taylor
  • - actor Martin J. Wolfman
  • Multiple trailers:
  • - Original
  • - Troma
  • - Trans World Entertainment
  • Reversible sleeve artwork
  • English SDH subtitles

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