When will [movie title] be released on Blu-ray or DVD?

New releases will be announced via the Upcoming Products window on the front page of Troma Direct. If a particular title is not listed, you may also wish to check Troma.com for more information.

I work for a video buyer or distributor and I’m interested in carrying Troma titles. What’s available?

Please see our Film Catalog for a full list of titles. Not all titles may be available in all territories.

Why aren’t most Troma movies available in widescreen?

Lloyd Kaufman prefers to shoot his films in what’s known as full-aperture. Instead of matting the frame to a flat 1.85:1 or anamorphic widescreen 2.40:1 ratio, he shoots in standard Academy 1.33:1 ratio, using the full frame of the camera. This allows for a full viewing experience in both the cinema and home video, although most people who have seen his movies in the cinema will have seen them projected in 1.85:1, as most modern non-arthouse theatre projection booths are not equipped with 1.33:1 projection lenses or aperature plates!

Some of our pick-ups, such as Chad Ferrin’s Unspeakable, were shot to be seen in a widescreen format and that is the way they are presented.

Is the Troma DVD of Rabid Grannies the “director’s cut”?

The version of Rabid Grannies distributed by Troma Team Video is the Unrated Director’s Cut of the film, as approved by director Emmanuel Kervyn. Another DVD distribution of the film does exist in Germany which includes scenes of gore not in the Troma release. As this gore was removed at the request of the director, the Troma version is the film as Mr. Kervyn intended it to be seen. However, the missing gore is available on the Troma DVD as a bonus feature.

Does the Troma DVD of Monster in the Closet have the premiere episode of the “Toxic Crusaders” TV series on it or not?

Unfortuately, the episode of “Toxic Crusaders” was mistakenly left off the DVD when it was first pressed, but the cover art for the DVD states it as being included. This is a mistake. We apologize for the error.

How do I get the video game on Disc 2 of Terror Firmer to work on my DVD player?

The Terror Firmer game will only work in a PC DVD-ROM drive. Insert the disc into your DVD-ROM drive and open the DVD in Windows Explorer. Run TerrorFirmer.exe to play the game.

If I’m outside of the United States, can I view Troma DVDs?

Yes and no.

All Troma DVDs have no regional coding, so they can be played anywhere in the world. However, the video is encoded for NTSC, so if you’re on the other side of the pond and all you have is PAL, then you will not be able to view the fine Tromatic presentations. Please check to make sure you can view NTSC material before ordering from Troma Direct.